Wireless Camera & Monitor System for Towing

Improved visualization means better protection


On the road – Monitor cargo, provide continuous rear view visibility, eliminate blind spots and prevent collisions for better peace of mind while in transport.


Parking – Visualize what’s behind you and back up with greater ease than ever before so that parking is effortless.


Campsite security – Keep an eye on the area around you when you’re parked at a campsite or truck stop.




Driving an RV, truck or other large vehicle often means transporting valuable cargo across long distances without adequate visibility in your rear view mirror. Hyndsight provides full time rear view camera streaming so you know who is behind you at all times. And operating a vehicle of that size puts even the most seasoned drivers with inadequate visibility for passing and puts drivers at risk of collisions and accidents.


Hyndsight’s Journey camera and monitor system provides enhanced visualization to protect what matters. Monitor your cargo during transport and eliminate blind spots along your vehicle, then use Journey for assistance backing up or hitching up a trailer. Gain confidence and peace of mind for your next trip.


Once you stop at a campsite or truck stop, the Journey wireless camera system serves as a highly effective security system. It’s 100% wire-free and can broadcast up to 1/3 of a mile, so take the monitor with you and attach the camera anywhere you need it during and after travel.


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