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Satisfaction Guarantee

All products ordered directly through Hyndsight Vision Systems, either by web or by phone, carry a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee. Products must be in their original packaging, in unaltered condition, working order, and accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization Form, made available by calling 1-844-SEE-SAFE, 1-603-924-1334, or by clicking here. Hyndsight Vision Systems is not responsible for refunding shipping charges. A refund will be issued upon receipt and inspection of returned merchandise for the purchase price, not including the cost of shipping. If your purchase was not made directly through Hyndsight Visions Systems, then please contact the original reseller for their return procedures.

Hyndsight extends a 1 year manufacturer's warranty on its Cameras and Kits. If anything breaks due to manufacturer's defects within 1 year from the purchase date, Hyndsight will replace or refund the damaged item. Products must be in their original packaging accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization Form, made available by calling 1-844-SEE-SAFE or 1-603-924-1334.

Privacy policy

You may be asked to provide your personal information anytime you are in contact with Hyndsight Vision Systems or an affiliated company of Hyndsight Vision Systems in order to best assist.

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