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The Journey Provides Saftey for Farm Machinery

Jay Ross - Thursday, June 02, 2016

Portable, Wire-Free Rear View Vision System Offers Farm Equipment Safety


Hyndsight Vision Systems has announced a new totally portable, wire-free rear view vision system for the agriculture industry that provides a clear view and eliminates blind spots behind tractors and large farm machinery. Hyndsight’s Journey rear view vision system can be easily mounted without any wiring required on any farm vehicle, allowing full rear view coverage on a sunlight readable monitor. It is also perfect for monitoring livestock trailers during transportation.

Journey is designed for the harsh farming environment and is rugged, weather resistant and provides a "real-to-life" visual field. It offers a real-time video stream through a direct wireless connection (camera to monitor) and a clear image that can transmit up to one-third of a mile with direct line of sight. One of the revolutionary highlights of Journey is that it can be mounted literally anywhere, with the ability to pair-up to four cameras per monitor. This flexibility and portability offers farm owners the ability to easily move the vision system from one piece of machinery to another for multiple applications. It can operate four to five hours before charging is required or can be optionally hard-wired. Three product lines with different lens angles are available, offering additional flexibility and options for use in any environment.

Hyndsight Vision Systems has recently become a vendor partner with Tractor Supply Company, the largest operator of retail farm and ranch stores in the U.S. The vision system is featured in the company’s ecommerce store –

"We are delighted to become an ecommerce vendor partner with Tractor Supply which is a major endorsement for our vision system in the farming industry," notes Melissa Thompson, CEO of Hyndsight. "Obstructed vision and blind spots are a major problem in the agriculture industry, and Journey provides drivers with a clear field of vision preventing safety issues, while maximizing productivity and profitability."