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Testimonial: Hyndsight Camera + Monitor System Gives Peace of Mind When Transporting Horses

Temp Account - Tuesday, October 20, 2015



How much do you really know about your horse’s behavior while traveling long distances? Hyndsight Vision Systems customer, Brad, recently shared his experience with us:

“I have now had the experience of traveling more than 5000 miles with horses and your camera system in play. What it has taught me and those traveling with me has been invaluable. It has changed the way I do some things resulting in less stress for the horses.


Everyone including me has always felt our horses were happier when we had feed like hay in front of them while they were being hauled in the trailer. What I have since learned from the camera system is just how much anxiety, frustration and bickering this causes between two horses next to each other. To keep them from trying to steal hay from the horse next to them you have to tie them up tighter. The next thing you see is now they are frustrated because it is difficult to get at their own hay bag. You now have put food in front of them that is hard to reach or worse yet their hay bag is empty and the horse next to them still is eating.



The lesson learned for me is to not feed while underway unless you have solid walls separating horses or have put horses head to tail. Why we have thought for years horses must have food in front of them at all times to be happy just doesn't make sense anymore when your camera shows us all the problems it creates.


There are so many other benefits I just can't imagine traveling with horses in the future without a camera system in play.


The piece of mind alone is worth the investment!”

Thanks, Brad! We’re glad that our camera + monitor system has allowed you to understand your horses better!