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Hyndsight Wins Four Gold Medals and Grand Prize at America’s Largest International Product Exposition

Jay Ross - Thursday, June 15, 2017


Hyndsight Vision Systems walked away with five huge wins at the recently held INPEX trade show in Pittsburgh. INPEX was held June 13-15 and is the country’s largest invention trade show featuring over 300 inventors from around the world. With over 1,000 new products introduced at the show, Hyndsight’s portable vision systems, Journey and Spectator, won the “best in show” or the Grand Prix with a $7,500 prize.

The company also won the Gold Medals in the following categories:

  • Agriculture (Hyndsight Journey)
  • Safety & Security /industrial (Hyndsight Journey)
  • Specialized Technology (Hyndsight Journey)
  • Telecommunications (Hyndsight Spectator)

Journey is a portable, wire-free vision system that requires no internet or cell data. It can be mounted

literally anywhere with the ability to pair-up to four cameras per monitor. The system is comprised of a custom designed camera and monitor with a sunlight readable screen, antenna set, and two mounts in a solid case. It’s rugged, water resistant and provides a real-to-life visual field through a direct wire-free connection (camera to monitor) and a clear image that can transmit up to one-third of a mile with direct line of sight. Because of its portability and versatility, Journey is used in a variety of industries, including marine, automotive, RV, agriculture, construction, tractor trailer, equine and hunting.

“We’re absolutely thrilled and honored to have received the Grand Prix at INPEX,” says Melissa Thompson, CEO of Hyndsight Vision Systems. “We saw some amazing new products at the show and to be chosen as the number one product validates for us that Journey and Spectator are judged to be cutting-edge products with broad industry appeal by industry experts. Also, the opportunity to network and learn from some of the “major leaguers” at INPEX was phenomenal. We were able to pitch our products to HSN, George Forman Jr. University, MPO Global as well as several others.”



INPEX is a unique trade show that includes companies that market, license, distribute or manufacture new products. The event is sponsored and produced by InventHelp, a leading inventor service company. It’s an annual event which showcases 1,000 innovations, new product ideas & technologies that are available to be licensed, manufactured and distributed.