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  • Can I hardwire this device?

  • Yes, we offer a Hardwire Kit which converts a 12-Volt charge to a 5-Volt charge. The Hardwire Kit is especially useful for horse or cargo trailers, farm equipment, and on large vehicles driving for more than 4 - 5 hours.

  • Can I use the Journey on my boat while towing skiers?

  • Although Journey does not replace a spotter in most states, it does allow the captain to see the action while still looking ahead. Journey can also be used on the boat trailer as an extra set of eyes while traveling and launching. 

  • Do I need to use the antennas?

  • Yes, the antennas are required in order for the unit to function as intended.

  • Does the camera or monitor float?

  • Yes, both the camera and monitor are buoyant when not attached to mounting accessories. 

  • Does the unit record?

  • Currently, the Cruz and Journey systems offer a live-feed view.

  • How many cameras can I connect?

  • You may sync a total of 4 cameras to be used at one time.

  • I am a rower. Can I put my SpeedCoach on the Cruz Monitor Mount?

  • Yes, the SpeedCoach T-bracket can be affixed to the Cruz Monitor Mount. 

  • I'm a rower. How do I figure out what accessories to use?

  • A Rowing Accessory Guide is provided so you can see if a Telescoping Mount or a Cruz Monitor Mount is necessary for your boat. We recommend every rower purchases a Cruz Monitor Mount. Feel free to contact us with pictures or questions pertaining to suggested mounting options!

  • Is the device waterproof?

  • The Cruz and Journey can both get wet, as long as the charging ports are completely sealed. The systems are rated IP65. They can withstand short term, accidental submersion up to 2 feet and are not recommended for underwater use. 

  • Is the unit rechargeable, and what is the battery life?

  • Yes, both the camera and monitor can be recharged using the included chargers. Battery life is between 4-5 consecutive hours. 

  • Is this easy to use?

  • Yes! It it very simple! Fully charge the camera and the monitor, twist them onto their mounts, and power them up!

  • What is the camera range?

  • The camera range is up to 1/3 mile with a clear line of sight (no objects between the camera and monitor). Although obstructions can cause undesired interference and may shorten this distance, you can purchase the Antenna Extension Cable for added distance.

  • What is the monitor's frame rate and resolution?

  • The frame rate is 15/20, meaning 15 to 20 frames are transmitted per second.


    The resolution is 800 x 480.

  • What's the difference between Cruz and Journey?

  • The Cruz Kit has the Tight Angle Camera, and it was designed specifically for rowers. The tight angle mimics real life depth perception, allowing the rower to properly judge the distance more accurately and spot obstacles in the boat's path.


    The Journey Kit has the Standard Angle Camera, which shows a realistic depth of field, great peripheral views, and no fish-eyed effect. Journey can be used anywhere!