WireLess camera & monitor system for equestrian applications


Peace of mind no matter where you are - and no matter where your horse is


In the barn – Use it as a barn camera to keep a close eye on horses or use it to monitor during foaling so you can give your mares the space they need.

On the road – Visualize everything that’s happening in the trailer with our horse trailer camera system and transport your horses with greater peace of mind.

In pasture – Watch horses while they’re outside to observe their behavior and prevent theft.





Horses are more than just valuable investments – they’re four-legged friends. Protect your horse using Hyndsight Journey as a horse trailer camera system, to help prevent the risk of serious injury during transport and in minutes, put it in your barn or home as a barn camera in case your mare encounters difficulties during foaling or to monitor for changes in behavior. You can also easily move it to use to watch your animals while in the pasture.

Keeping your horses healthy and safe is a big responsibility, but Hyndsight’s Journey wireless camera and monitor system was designed to alleviate part of that burden by serving as a state of the art horse camera for all your unique needs.


Use the Journey wireless camera system in the trailer during transport, then easily move it within minutes to the barn to keep an eye on your horse. Because our system is totally wire free is gives you ultimate versatility for moving it from one location to another with ease and because it transmits up to a third of a mile direct line of sight you can be in your home with the comfort of knowing your animal is safe. Use it for anything! Its limits are only your imagination! Have peace of mind wherever you and your horse may go.



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