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est. 2011 | How We Began

Hyndsight Vision Systems, located in Peterborough, N.H., was established in 2011 after the founder, Melissa Thompson, was volunteering at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston. Seeing boats repeatedly collide with each other or the bridges of the Charles River, the idea for a portable, wire-free camera with monitor was born.

Serving an unmet need initially for the rowing community, Hyndsight Vision Systems developed the first product of its kind designed to assist rowers in visualizing where they are going without having to turn and look over their shoulders or wear a tiny mirror on their head. As the product evolved, it became evidently clear that the use of this technology had applications well beyond rowing. Because Hyndsight Vision Systems' unique camera with monitor kits provide anyone with a clear field of vision and do not require any wiring or installation, they can be used on commercial vehicles, marine vessels, barns, airplanes, and anything else in between.

Whether you're a rower, a boater, a horseback rider, a motorcycle rider, a bicyclist, a mom who wants to watch her kids in the backyard from the convenience of her home, or a dad who wants to watch his steaks grilling while sitting on the couch watching football, Hyndsight Vision Systems has a product for you! The use of this product is only limited to your imagination!

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Melissa Thompson - Hyndsight Vision Systems

Melissa A.


Melissa holds a PhD from Concordia University, Masters Degree from Temple University, and a BS degree from SUNY Upstate Medical Center. Melissa is a serial entrepreneur having successfully started and run three other companies prior to Hyndsight. She is an avid athlete who rows, sails, boats, and enjoys horseback riding. Melissa is an outdoor enthusiast. Her passion for sports has driven her in the creation of the Hyndsight product line.

Jonathan Donaldson - Hyndsight Vision Systems



Jonathan (Jona) holds a BA Degree from Harvard University and MBA from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth. He has been the CEO and head of several private and public companies prior to joining Hyndsight. Jona was a rower in college, he is a passionate sailor, enjoying the coastal waters of Maine every summer, and he also likes hiking. Jona's last adventure took him to the summit of Mount Killimanjaro.

John Ingemi - Hyndsight Vision Systems



Chief Commercial Officer

John Ingemi is a US Navy Veteran and Founder and CEO of Sell And Thrive, a sales process consulting company located in New England. Sell And Thrive helps new, growing, and established companies optimize their sales processes and sales teams. Sell And Thrive also helps VC and PE firms conduct their due diligence pre and post funding. When not helping companies tune and optimize their sales processes, John frequently Blogs about how his experiences with sales processes and tactics from the lens of a consumer and an investor, and how they often time intersect with everyday life.

John Rath - Hyndsight Vision Systems


Research & Development

John leads the design and engineering efforts for Hyndsight. He graduated from Clarkson University in 2008 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and then started his career in the power industry, where he specialized in power plant equipment and emissions reduction at power plants across the country. In 2013, John began working for Hyndsight, focusing on camera and monitor prototyping for the competitive and recreational rowing market. In his free time, John enjoys cycling, rowing, hunting, camping, and cooking.

Nekeisha Wheeler - Hyndsight Vision Systems



Southeast Regional Sales Manager

Nekeisha comes to Hyndsight with a background in the construction industry. She is completing her degree from Florida State University and will be covering the Southeastern part of the United States. “Keisha” has a passion for the outdoors and anything involving extreme sports. Her fearless attitude is a welcome addition to the team. She is a professional dance instructor as well!